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Changes behind the scenes

8:14 pm on the 24th of May, 2006

I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.0.2 tonight in the hope that it would mean posting from flickr would work properly (at the moment the styling gets stripped out somewhere along the way) and as a result I’ve done a little bit of tweaking to the design. I think the miniblog has died a death, and now that I have my delicious links in the sidebar I’ll start using them a bit more than I did before.

Posting from Flickr still doesn’t work properly so I’ll just have to carry on making the posts myself, not too much of a hardship but worse than it need to be.

So, what else is happening here? Keeping to the style of not speaking too much about people I know I’ll say that I was at my sister’s wedding at the weekend, soon I’ll get round to putting some photos on flickr and leave it at that. I’m finished uni now, which partially explains the lack of posts – no more reason to look for distractions from revising and less time as I have been working.

It’s only two weeks untill I go down to London, on my way to New Zealand. I think I’m on top of everything I need to get sorted for that so now I can turn my attention to my upcoming final year project. I’ll put a separate post about that later.


4:27 pm on the 15th of January, 2006

Back to Glasgow again and once again find myself able to blog. Any urges to write here disappear whenever I spend time at the parental home.

There have been little snippets but on the whole I’ve been absent since a month ago (how do whole months just slip by like that?) in which time I’ve had a very good Christmas and New Year. Thanks to everyone who bought me presents, I got most of the things I wanted thanks to Lordy’s Lists Project*. I worked quite a bit at The Rocks over the holiday including Hogmanay. The place was very busy that night but with nice people all wanting to have a good time and the job is good fun, with great staff to work alongside so all in all it was a very enjoyable way to spend the night. Highlights including counting out the old year outside the front door, overlooked by a piper on the balcony, everyone having been given some champagne to toast with.

Since then I’ve been to the staff party and not much else, before coming back through to Glasgow on Thursday, in time for the first caving pub night of the term. Tonight we’re going out to see Belle and Sebastian at the ABC before I have a week of hard working doing all the things I might have been able to do last term.

* Could go live for public use this year???

Exams, Jags and Films

11:06 am on the 18th of May, 2005

It’s been quiet here for a while, I’ve been other places, visiting home for the last two weekends to study and visit niece and nephew, getting not a lot done that’s worth writing about while I am in Glasgow, and generally just not doing anythig worthy of blog, not that it usually stops me (quanity or quality? what’s best?)

I did have a few things of note but they’re old news now, why should I bother you with them now? Ok, then you pursuaded me. We went and got the first of our injections for this summers expedition last Wednesday. Three injections in all, could have just been done with all of the bits and pieces in one needle but ‘oh no, we’ll give you three instead, so that you get two sore arms and a sore leg on top of all the flu type symptoms’. I shouldn’t really complain because he was good with the prescription for anti-malarial tablets (8 weeks for just one charge!). I’ve never had any reaction to injections before but this time all three limbs were stiff at one time or another and I felt knackered on Thursday and had a sore head, makes me not look forward to the yellow fever one that’s still to come in a while.

What else happenned? Oh, yes, I remember. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. That was rubbish wasn’t it? An utter abomination, still, if you liked it you’re welcome to your opinion, just remember that you’re wrong. Star Wars still to come, don’t know when I’m going to see it yet.

My last exam is in about three hours from now so I’d better get back to work for a while longer. While I’m away you can look at the new GUPA website and tell me what you think.

Normal service to be resumed later

5:29 pm on the 13th of January, 2005

I don’t have the time to be here at the moment, try back in mid-February maybe, or add my feed to your aggregator.

I’ve only just realised I still had the Christmas decorations up.

I’m on school placement right now you see and don’t have much time.

a summer wasting

4:55 pm on the 17th of June, 2004

The time has come to announce my plans for the summer, not really been mentioned here for one reason or another but I suppose I have to now because if I don’t this page will look pretty stagnant when I return in about 2 months time.

Tonight I’m off to help brother-in-exile move house then I’m back up to Glasgow tomorrow then down south again on Saturday to Hereford for about three weeks, hopefully working, then over to Paris with the good lady friend where we’ll be roaming around for about a month. Some walking in the Black Forest, Germany; on towards Prague then back the way we came, through Munich to the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. After that we go back through France to do some windsurfing and then along a bit further to Spain for the Festival Internacional de Benicassim. At then end of all that we make our way back up through France again to get a plane back home.

See you in August!

All change!

9:45 pm on the 2nd of June, 2004

As it’s summer I though it was a good idea to give foolfillment a new summer dress, and why not change CMS while I’m at it I thought. I didn’t actually, it was more the other way around. It’s not perfect but there will be tweaks made as time progresses, hopefully the recent comments will return to how they used to look under MT, but so far I like WordPress. So, what do you think? Please let me know of any bugs/likes/dislikes/wants…

Issues I want to fix include but aren’t limited to:

  • I want to change the recent comments list
  • I want to change the headings in the menu
  • I want to get buttons to input code in the comments again
  • stop showing blogsnob?
  • generate/find new buttons for a few things in the menu

The Past Week

7:11 pm on the 19th of May, 2004

has been very quiet but I make no apologies for that, I’ve been busy doing various things, some of which you might hear about later, others you won’t becasue they were boring. However a short update is in order, in my last post I said I was about to enter into a period of redesign, an I still am but this will be put off for a wee while. I try not to go into any detail about Movable Type, the stuff that holds this site together. This is partly because the people who read this site are, in the main, not interested and partly because other people do it better than I could. I’m making an exception now, this post is all about this boring stuff.

Last Monday blogger rejigged it’s control panel (or dashboard like they want you to call it) and there was uproar, for want of a better word, in more than a few places (from Gordon and DG for two examples) and just a few days later Movable Type announced their new pricing plan. This caused huge uproar (just take a look at the trackbacks at the bottom of this page on Mena’s Corner) and spurred a lot of people to move. I don’t know if I’ll move or not, I had been waiting, like tonnes of other bloggers, for MT3 and now it’s here I suddenly have the possibility that I’ll have to pay in the future and for what? The improvements/changes from this version to the new don’t go as far as I want or had expected.

I realise that lots of people have made the point about ‘why should you get something for free’ but that don’t hold no water here. At the moment. I’m a poor student who doesn’t blog a lot, not enough to warrant paying any large sums of money for it, just enough to have my own webspace and no adverts, but after that I don’t see it being worth it, I’m not going to go into that part of the topic, not here or at least not now. Other people can do that better, people like Mark Pilgrim who makes the point well and in relation to all of this.

And so, after a long rambling block of text and links here’s a short block of text and a few more links to summise. I, like Graybo agree with Vaughan and I’ll have a look over the course of the weekend and on Monday to see how Graybo gets on with the change over to WordPress. If it all goes well then I will follow, slowly becasue on the way I’ll actually get round to doing the redesign of foolfillment.

So there you have it, a long and tedious post all about how rubbish stuff is and why I’m (maybe) changing, if I keep this up maybe I’ll start to look like a real blogger?

(insert youR own title here)

8:13 pm on the 11th of May, 2004

I am effectively finished uni for the summer now, apart from one little exam (I think all I have to do is write my name and I pass, I don’t even have to spell it correctly) so the search for a job begins, I’ll be hitting the agencies on Thursday, armed with a posh cv and a lucky smile, or more likely, a dog-eared smucged sheet and sweat running down my face from battling the crowds on Buchanon Street.

Also coming up is a few changes here, some of which you may have noticed already, I’m hoping to do a major rebuild over summer, but hopefully you won’t notice. The thing is, you see, the templates that make up all the pages here are in a real mess and have no structure at all, and no comments either, which means it’s really difficult to make any changes. What I may do is a complete redesign, from scratch and come up with a nice snazzy site. One that you can appreciate as well as me. Don’t hold your breath though because I’m hoping it’ll be too sunny and I’ll be too busy to do it.

busy busy busy

10:56 pm on the 25th of April, 2004

With lots on at the moment it’s been good to just sit and tweak with the site tonight to take my mind off it. It has however thrown up a lot of things I want to fix, there is a lot of inconsistency in all the different pages and I’ve not put nearly enough comments in the templates for me to make sense of them straight off.

The change though tonight is the addition of categories, I started filing things in categories a while back but then stopped when I couldn’t really see much point, but then the other day I realised they are a good way to organise any photos I put up here, rather than having a separate blog I can just categorise them.

I still have to go through all the old entries, I need some better names for them and I’l get round to giving a decription to them too but these are all tasks for a rainy day, not a nice sunny one like today was, especially when I have lots of uni work that takes priority.

there’s more to come, hang on a minute

7:29 pm on the 14th of April, 2004

An update is perhaps in order.

I got back to Glasgow on Saturday (you can read about it here) after a three week Easter break from uni, it has been quite quiet over that period, hopefully I’ll be able to make up for that over the next few weeks.

I seem to have an influx of comments from nu-produkt regulars for some reason which I welcome, I’ve gotten a bit dry in my blogging recently and it’s the comments that make it worhwhile carrying on, I don’t imagine that I’ll have time to carry on when I get a grown up job. I’m still catching up on all the blogs that I’ve missed over my holiday, it seems the Audi Olympics have come to an end unfortunately, as has meish. Not good at all.

I’ll have some good photos to put up soon, and perhaps it’s time to start a proper photolog after so many aborted attempts. I’ll have something good to write soon but for now I’m off for a ood many drinks while Celtic get humped.

As a parting note to roughly cover the last few uneventful days in my life : do see Starsky and Hutch.