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9:27 pm on the 31st of May, 2010

I have a lovely S3 Graphic Communication class, they’re great fun and work hard most of the time. Today there was only 10 there as it was a heats day for the school’s athletics championships, so I went in not knowing what I would do and was completely comfortable with it. I talked with them about what they might like to do today, half thinking they could get on with some folio work. After talking it through, a few ideas had come up – work on tidying up folio items, start on a new folio item, play with a Computer Aided Graphics package, or create a stop frame animation film. I gave over the lesson to them to make of what they wanted. It occurred to me that we didn’t have much in the way of lego kit, or anything else that would work well for stop frame films so I showed them a few seconds of a Commoncraft film and an idea grew…

While a few pupils worked on some frame animations on the CAG software to make some great wee films, 6 other pupils worked together to make this film for next year’s S1 pupils.

The pupils were in charge right through the planning stage to the final filming, with only a little guidance from me. The only thing I had to do was capture the video and audio from the camera tonight and upload it to blip. They worked really well as a team delegating tasks and making good use of their individual skills.

They put the video together in about 40 minutes from scratch and I think it’s great.

They were totally engaged and want to do more of this sort of work. Personally I think this video is a great example of graphic communication, with no capitals, but it doesn’t fit in to Graphic Communication – the SQA course – in anyway whatsoever. Shame, but luckily with a hard working class like this one we can fit in the extra interest tasks.


  1. OllieBray

    I thinkthis video is great as well Stuart – a massive well done to the group of young people who made it! Great stuff! OB

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