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Literacy in Technological Education

7:50 pm on the 30th of April, 2010

I had a visit on today from Jenni Curson, the Scottish Borders Council Development Officer for Literacy. She had heard from Ollie Bray about a bit of work I had done using Comic Life over a year ago and was keen to see how we tackle the Literacy Outcomes and Experiences in Hawick High School. The truth is that I haven’t used Comic Life much since last February, there just isn’t the time in our S1/2 courses, and I have been doing other things with my other classes.

I’m planning to write a few posts over the exam diet about what we are doing in school, and how that relates to CfE. Hopefully this will generate a bit of discussion. I’ll try to get a post out on Sunday evening about one of our S1 projects.


  1. OllieBray

    Interetingly though a number of other CDT departments including musselburghhave started using your idea since I showed them the pictures from your blog! How are you getting on with that printer – it look slike a nightmare job to put together! OB

  2. stuart

    I really aught to go back to it and do more. Got a couple of ideas for it over the few weeks before summer holidays start.

    The printer is still very much in the build stage, hoping to get time to it soon. S5 finish on Friday so fingers crossed that will free up time.

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