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Literacy in Technological Education

7:50 pm on the 30th of April, 2010

I had a visit on today from Jenni Curson, the Scottish Borders Council Development Officer for Literacy. She had heard from Ollie Bray about a bit of work I had done using Comic Life over a year ago and was keen to see how we tackle the Literacy Outcomes and Experiences in Hawick High School. The truth is that I haven’t used Comic Life much since last February, there just isn’t the time in our S1/2 courses, and I have been doing other things with my other classes.

I’m planning to write a few posts over the exam diet about what we are doing in school, and how that relates to CfE. Hopefully this will generate a bit of discussion. I’ll try to get a post out on Sunday evening about one of our S1 projects.

TeachMeet Student Editions – round 2

7:21 pm on the 19th of April, 2010

Has it really been a year since I drove all the way up to Glasgow on a school night to present at a TeachMeet aimed specifically at student teachers?

It was a cracking night and I would go again this year – if it weren’t for other commitments I would definitely be there. So this is where you come in…

TeachMeets work because everyone gets involved, don’t be afraid, sign up to spread the word about a fantastic new website you have had success with in class, or the nifty wee bit of gadgettry that you have taken from one application and shoved into the classroom.

Everyone has a story to tell – and probationers and other newly qualifieds in particular – have good things to share so sign up for a 7 or 2 minute talk and make this year’s version even better than last year’s.

It is quite short notice but don’t let that put you off, the best presentations are made up on the spot!

The Aberdeen version is on tomorrow night – see the wiki.

The Glasgow one os on Thursday – here’s another wiki.

Go on, make me proud!