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What is Design?

7:24 pm on the 9th of September, 2008

What does design mean to you?I’ve got a big poster in my room which is almost entirely blank, I’m going to use it with my S3 Craft and Design class on Thursday. The only things on it are big black letters spelling out “Design is…” Onto this sheet I’m going to ask my class to each stick a post-it with a few words, or a picture, explaining what they think design is and why it is important. I am secretly hoping that one of them will write ‘everything’ but I don’t hold out much hope!

Anyway, serendipity struck tonight. Just after looking through “Thirst” on slideshare (via Ollie) one of the recommended shows was called … you guessed it “Design is Everything“. It is perhaps a little above S3 level but it has plenty of talking points and I may try to get a modified version made up – or even better get my class to do one.

I’d like to see what design means to other people too, so on flickr I’ve put a similar image to my poster. I’d like you to add a note to the image and add a few words, just like my pupils will be doing with post-its. Here’s the link.

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  1. OllieBray

    Just had a look at this presentation – I like it. have forwarded the link to our CDT department. Any more news on Teachmeet in the Borders?

  2. stuart

    No news yet (does that mean it’s good news?) and I don’t think there’ll be anything on the same night as TeachMeet at SLF. I’m more hopeful of something on another night.

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