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How to download your FREE student copy of Autodesk Inventor

8:11 pm on the 26th of June, 2008

Update: I’ve re-written this post for the new school year. There hasn’t been much of a change but you might find it more useful to read the new version here.

The nice folks at software company Autodesk have kindly set up a great area on their website where people involved in education can download their software free of charge. In this post I outline how school pupils and teachers can download software. All you need is:

* A pc or laptop Click here for system requirements
* A broadband connection
* A School e-mail address (either a pupil or teacher e-mail address will do)

First go to the registration page for Autodesk’s Student community. When the page opens you will need to complete all of the required fields.

Important: At this stage you will need to enter your school e-mail address and also create a username and password. You should also enter an e-mail address in the ‘preferred e-mail’ field that you can access from home. All future correspondence will be forwarded to both addresses, using both means you can download the software at home.

Autodesk will now send you a verification e-mail. All you need to do is open the e-mail and click on the link to verify your account.

Now go to the Autodesk Student Community homepage and use your new login details to access the student community.

Once you have successfully logged in go to the software downloads tab and choose Autodesk Inventor Professional 2009(English) from the dropdown menu. Then hit the download button.

There are a few download options but I would strongly recommend that you choose to DOWNLOAD USING THE AUTODESK STUDENT COMMUNITY DOWNLOADER. You will now be faced with a dialog box, select ‘save file’ make sure you save it to a location on your PC where you can easily find it.

Once the download tool has been saved on your PC you are now ready to install it. It should only take a few minutes to install, once installed open it up and log in.
Finally, reselect the program you want to download (Inventor 2008) and the download will begin. The download tool will also display your serial number at this stage. Make sure you record it so that you can insert it at the required stage of installation.

The files to download are quite large but it will happily run if you leave it overnight – just remember to make sure your PC won’t go into hibernation.

Once it has downloaded simply follow the on screen installation instructions, there are a few important things to note though:

During the configuration stage of installation make sure you change the units from inches to mm and choose ISO for the default setup.

If you are having any problems with this process then please feel free to leave a comment, or drop me an email. I have to give credit to Robert Clements for this post, he wrote it originally a few weeks ago, but I’ve made a few changes and posted it here because it’s pretty useful.

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  1. Curtis Jackson

    AutoDesk inventor is really cool

  2. joseph yammine

    I am a student at wilby high school in waterbury connecticut and we have autodesk inventor at school I really like to have it at home I am excited to work on it because I am intersted in this career for college thank you

  3. steve

    inventor isnt on there anymore?

  4. stuart

    Hi Steve,

    I’m going to re-post this with up to date instructions in a couple of weeks when te new timetable starts at my school.

    Autodesk have just updated the list of software that is available but you can still download Inventor – but now it is version 2010. Lots of other good stuff there too. Good luck.

  5. Peter Coales

    Is this info’ valid in the UK?

  6. Stuart

    Hi Peter,

    Yes, this should work in the UK. You may need to validate the email address with Autodesk but this isn’t usually a tough thing to do, just takes a bit of time waiting for them to respond.

  7. Dan

    I have just downloaded free inventor, did it in three parts took ages, but now stuck in the middle of the setup wizard thing. It is asking me for a serial number and will not let me continue without one, one wasnt provided for me.
    HELP please

    Thanks alot

  8. stuart

    Hi Dan, if you are doing this through the student area then you should be able to see your serial in your area there, take a look at the Software Downloads area, select the software you are trying to install and it should give you info including the key.

    Hope that helps.

  9. Tim

    Hi, I downloaded inventor 2009 but have found out that i need 2010 for it to be the same at my school. How do I make that change and do I need the library program and what if my computer does not list port 80 in the setup. Can you help please?

  10. stuart

    Hi Tim,

    No problem for getting 2010, that was available last time I checked. Your 2009 files should be fine to open at school anyway – but it won’t work the other direction unfortunately. A big bug bear of mine.

    You should be able to just select 2010 from the downloads area and get that version of the software. When installing it will replace the 2009 version with the newer version.

    Do you need the library program? I don’t know – what program is this? You would be better to ask your teacher at school to see what library components you might need. And for your question about port 80 – I’m not sure when that would come up in the installation – it has never been an issue for me, but there will likely be support on Autodesk forums, or for your firewall software.

    Hope this helps,

  11. zigzag

    the links stopped working plz help

  12. stuart

    @zigzag Links updated now, Autodesk seem to have made minor changes to their sub-domains.



  14. stuart

    Try to follow the instructions above James, or better use the updated version here.

    If you have any specific problems with it then leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out

  15. kami

    I am an international student at University of Tokyo, Japan. May i install Auto desk inventor (English) here in tokyo. i.e. will this link work here or not. Secondly, is this a student version or only a trial version for a limited period?

  16. stuart

    Hi Kami,

    I see no reason why that would not work, it is the International community of students that Autodesk have set up.

    If you have general, simple questions like that I would recommend that you actually read for yourself some of the links. The answers to your questions could be found very quickly direct from autodesk, far quicker than waiting for a reply from me.

    It is free software, not a trial version. You will however see a banner on printed work stating that it has been made using the education version.

  17. Ken

    Any chance a student in an adult ed class can get a free download of autodesk inventor?

  18. stuart

    If you have an email address with some sort of education establishment then I am sure there is a chance.

  19. Martijn

    Could some one with a pupil/school email register for me and put my email in it so i can get it for free?
    Plz i need that program so bad, 2d drawing starts to be boring.


  20. stuart

    If you want inventor itself then you might just have to shell out. If you just want something for 3d then there are plenty of free alternatives like sketchup and blender

  21. Martijn

    I’m already shelling it out by posting on this blog, but no i dont want sketchup or blender because those programs are a waste.
    Also for my education i need it for 3d drawing, sure i can work with solidworks (thats what they are using on my school) but autodesk inventor is friendlier and i just want it. Well i guess if nobody wants to help me here i go find help somewhere else.

  22. Martijn

    Responsing on my previous message.
    BTW the reason i think blender and sketchup is a waste because i have to work for my education with programs that can measure to a precisly of 0.001 millimeters and sketchup or blender is just to simple to measure on such a high tolerance

  23. stuart

    Martijn, read the post: if you are at school and you have an education email address then you can download it for nothing. If not then you will have to shell out (pay for it).

  24. Jon

    Hi, I am having trouble registering. It says it was incomplete and could not be processed but I have filled in all the boxes and ticked the agree with T&C’S box. Please help. Thanks.

  25. stuart

    Hi Jon,

    I’m not sure what the problem is there – could be the school email address. The chances are that Autodesk doesn’t like the edubuzz email address and you might have to use something more official sounding – do you have an address ending in or similar? Guessing from the address you left with the comment you are at Dunbar Grammar? Ask Mr King to give you a hand, or check about email addresses with Mr Tennant.

    Good luck!

    PS I would also recommend using the updated version of this post as this particular post is a bit out of date now.

  26. Jon

    Hi, thanks for the response. Turns out the site was faulty. I tried again yesterday and a new box had appeared. Now, I just have to wait for it to be accepted. Thanks.

  27. Leroy Feroz

    Your website has lots of good guidelines. Can I link to you? Do you prefer dofollow or nofollow link?

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