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Thinking about next year again

1:02 pm on the 15th of April, 2007

I’ve been thinking a bit more about where I’ll be teaching next year. As there is nothing I can do to influence the decision I can only guess about where I’ll be living, but I wanted a better idea of the possibilities so I had a little play with Google’s new service My Maps. It took a lot of copying and pasting but I eventually got all of the secondary schools from my selected areas stuck onto a custom map. After a little more playing I’ve added it to my Google Earth places and arranged them into subfolders, and uploaded an image of the aerial view.
The schools I might end up in next year.

Looking at them this way was a bit of an eye opener. I knew that my choices meant I could be placed pretty much anywhere but seeing them all mapped really shows how remote some of the Highland ones are. I’ve not used Google Earth much but I did wonder (after finishing this) that there must already be a layer that has all of the Scottish schools? I wouldn’t know where to look, but surely I can’t be the only git sad enough to do this?!

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  1. Ewan McIntosh

    There isn’t one yet but I’ve been checking out the possibilities since last week’s launch. I’m hoping that we can use the database we have at LTS to make the copy and paste a little less time-consuming. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. stuart

    Thanks Ewan.

    I must have missed something though, what launch last week?

  3. Ian Stuart

    You should have just gone for the anywhere option.
    I am looking for a porbationer for next year. Know anyone who might be interested ?

  4. stuart

    It does look like that doesn’t it? This way though I get a chance at going to any of the places that I quite fancy (apart from Argyll and Bute unfortunately, although not ruled out entirely) and only a small chance I’ll end up in any of the places I didn’t (like Glasgow, which for all it’s benefits is still a city which just doesn’t appeal to me).

    I don’t know of anyone on my course who put Argyll and Bute as one of their choices but there is one who ticked the go anywhere box. Is it a position you’ll struggle to fill?

  5. Ian Stuart

    Yes it is always a difficult position to fill but what anoppertunity to be involved with the UMPC project……….. Am I selling it?
    Also last years probabtioner, Sandy Smith, has loved it so much he asapplied for the permanent post.

  6. stuart

    You are definitely selling it. I’m trying hard not to regret the councils I chose!
    Could you end up with yourself, Sandy Smith, and a probationer? That would be a pretty big department!

    By the way, how’s clearing the land going, do we get to see any photos of the progress?

  7. Tess Watson

    Hi Stuart,

    Please can you drop me an email. It is regarding tomorrow’s Glow lesson. It is unlikely to go ahead. I hope this doesn’t effect your plans. I will explain all in an email.

    Sorry again.


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