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Ben Narnain (but not Ben Ime)

8:23 pm on the 23rd of September, 2004

Well, I’ve moved back into my flat in Glasgow and I’m slowly doing all the boring tidying up that goes with it, this evening I braved opening all the bookmarked blogs that I spent so much of my time reading last year. It’s quite a daunting task, almost as if I’m a new reader, some sites have changed design, and all have too much new content to catch up on but I’m sure I’ll get back into the swing of it when I start back at uni next week. There will also no doubt be more tales of summer holiday adventure along with the chance to win more prizes.

Today though you get to hear of my jaunt in the hills. I was walking for about 5 hours and driving for about the same amount of time which is rubbish. Leaving my flat in Knightswood at 7 and arriving at Stuart and Dan’s flat in Shawlands an hour later did not bode well for a fun day, but still we pushed on and were on the hill (Ben Narnain, near Arrochar) by a quarter to ten.

I’ve been up this hill once before and then as today the intention was to carry on and claim Ben Ime as well but on both occasions one of my companions found the going a bit harder than they had expected and we ended up only getting to the the summit of Ben Narnain, not even popping up The Cobbler as we passed. Even still it was a lovely day and I have lots of photos to prove it. Here’s one of The Cobbler from the top of Ben Narnain

The Cobbler, and not from it's most menacing angle

We took loads of rests and were off the hill almost exactly five hours after leaving the car, five hours walking to five hours driving – not the best balance.


  1. big bruv

    I remember the first time!! Like you I’ve since been back (less my unfit friend who slowed us down that day). You’ve probably heard about it, but for the benefit of the casual reader, it was with me dad, a friend of his and the family mutt, Barney. We did the route described above in reverse. What made it memeorable was doing a traverse of part of the Cobbler ridge – passing Barney from hand to hand down the steep bits. Not to be recommended, I hasten to add.

    Anyway, glad you had a good day – was the weather site any use, or did you get the link too late? On that note, the funding for that site is pretty short-term – as in , we’ll see if it’s worth rolling it out. So the more people use it the better, cos it’s pretty good.
    is the address, for future reference, (I’m afraid I don’t have time to go playing about with the code above)

  2. Stuart

    I had heard about Barney’s trip up The Cobbler and I remember wondering about taking him along the Aonoch Eagach ridge as well. The site did come too late but I’ll use it in the future.

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