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Spotted from buses

8:23 pm on the 16th of February, 2004

On Friday, on Dumbarton Road, a barbershop with a sign which says something slightly different from what the owner probably intended : ‘Gent’s Dick’s Hairdresser’. I assume he actually meant it to mean something like : ‘Dick’s. Gents’ Hairdresser’.

Today on Great Western Road. A man running to get on the bus which is going through traffic. Man knocks on door of bus as it’s moving, driver ignores him and carries on to the next bus stop, pulling well ahead or the man. At the next stop, the bus is about 400 yards ahead of the man who starts sprinting to catch up – is it really worth it, there are buses about every two minutes there? – the man finally catches up and boards the bus. After a second to catch his breath the man proudly and clearly declares his pass entitling him to free travel. That’s his disabled pass by the way.


  1. John

    Beautiful story Stu. I laughed out loud!

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