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2:14 pm on the 25th of October, 2003

Welcome to . This is my weblog, which spawned from my old one which may or may not migrate here. Given time I will tweak with the templates and get them looking eactly as I want, currently though I don’t have time, I’m in a group project at uni and have a folio to hand in on Tuesday and I need to complete my parts of it by tomorrow, also I have just been given two gerbils (both black, one boy, one girl, potentially 72 inbred baby gerbils as they are siblings) for my birthday which is on Monday. Suggestions for names? Currently going with Belle and Sebastian after I was overruled on Del and Mitri.


  1. Lord Of All

    Well done wee man, a migration well done. Though you may want to check your link from your old website as it doesn’t work.

    And happy birthday to you. I hope you and the gerbils are very happy.

  2. SM


    the link’s fixed now but no doubt there’ll be others that don’t work.

    B&S are fine and dandy.

  3. big bruv

    I wasn’t sure if the gerbil request was serious. Good job I didn’t act on it. You’d have been over-run.

  4. SM

    i will be soon anyway, just as soon as they breed

  5. big bruv

    As Susan about that – she bred them for a while when she was about your age (or younger)

  6. bigsisinlaw

    Wow!!! Gerbils. I’ve had loads. I have had two sets of male and female gerbils (at different times) to breed. The mother in the first set couldn’t feed her babies so she bit their heads off when they were a few days old. – Lack of milk was confirmed by Dave McKenzie, one of the vets at the practice I worked at when I was 15.

    The second set were prolific! They had a litter of young every six weeks and I couldn’t cope. As they were ‘fancy’ gerbils – ruby eyed creams – I had no shortage of pet shops wanting to buy them from me…… but even still.

  7. big bruv

    Where is your photolog these days, btw?

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