Stuart Meldrum...with some green stuff behind him

Hello. My name is Stuart Meldrum and I am a teacher of Craft, Design, and Technology at Hawick High School in the Scottish Borders.

I mainly use this site to reflect upon my practice as a teacher and write about using new technologies in the classroom and workshop.

A lot of my time is also spent creating new classroom resources and I share as many of them as I can, you can find them in the blog, but I also try to aggregate them in the resources page.

There are two things to remember about this site, the first is that it doesn't always get updated regularly, there could be a flurry of posts and then nothing for weeks. The other thing is that this site is a personal site primarily, the content is written by me, or those who choose to comment. What is written here does not necessarily represent the views of any other third party.

You can get in touch with me by commenting on the blog - try to find a relevant post if you can but if not anywhere is fine. One other thing - no matter when you read this, this page is probably out of date.